The Payment Service API is the core Bead Pay API and is responsible for managing merchants, terminals and payments.

Payment Service API is a RESTful API designed for managing Bead Pay merchants, terminals and payments. This API adheres to the principles of Representational State Transfer (REST), offering a scalable and standardized way for applications to communicate over the web.

Key Features

  • RESTful Design: Payment Service API follows the REST architectural style, promoting stateless communication and a uniform interface for interacting with resources.

  • Resource-Oriented: The API is organized around resources, each identified by a unique URL.

  • HTTP Methods: Interact with resources using standard HTTP methods, including GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE.

  • JSON format for request and response bodies.

  • Secure Authentication and Authorization using the industry-standard protocol OAuth 2.0.

  • Versioning: Payment Service API supports versioning in the HTTP headers to ensure compatibility as the API evolves over time.

  • Data Security: Payment Service API ensures the security of data exchanged between clients and the server by utilizing HTTPS. Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) encrypts data during transmission, preventing unauthorized access and eavesdropping.

    • When making requests to our APIs, always ensure that the endpoint URLs begin with 'https://' to establish a secure connection. This practice guarantees the confidentiality and integrity of data being sent and received.

    • The secure connection established by HTTPS relies on SSL/TLS certificates, which verify the authenticity of the server and encrypt the data exchanged. This ensures that your communications remain confidential and tamper-proof


The Payment Service API has 2 environments: Dev and Prod.

Dev environment is available at the following URL:

Prod environment is available at the following URL:


Refer to the following sections to see available API endpoints and details about them:

pageAuthenticationpageTerminal InitializationpageCrypto Payments

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